HR Framework Policy and Social Policy

The goal of the ERSI Group HR Framework Policy and Social Policy is to define, design and disseminate a human resources management model of the Group that allows recruiting, promoting and retaining talent and fostering the personal and professional growth of all people that belong to the Group's human team, making them part of the business success project and guaranteeing them a decent and safe job, considering at the same time that social action must provide effective proposals, within its own responsibilities, to the challenges of the communities where it operates, generating value, in some way, to society. Therefore it describes the strategic content for the initiatives of its personnel and its social environment and is essentially flexible and dynamic and can adapt to different situations. 

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, the Group adopts and promotes the following principles that should govern the management of its human and social capital:

To ensure the welfare of all employees by complying with the requirements of the IFC certification, national legislation and international agreements signed by the country, such as those of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The development of standardised HR processes that advance in the implementation of the Company's culture in all the countries in which the Group operates, respecting local specificities and the special enhanced autonomy framework of listed subholding companies.

The design of a value offer, which favours the selection, recruiting and retention of talent, composed of a competitive salary, a work environment based on equal opportunities, the business project, the balance of personal and professional life and conciliation.

There shall be no discrimination in the recruiting of personnel due to race, origin, nationality, colour, religion, sexual orientation or marital status and the right to free organisation shall not be limited.

Special attention is paid for detecting, developing and coaching talents at all levels, to acquire responsibilities within our company, through career plans, in-company training, etc.

Elimination of any form of moral or sexual harassment.

Only people of legal age shall be recruited, preferably they shall be inhabitants of the neighbouring communities, who together with their families will have access to health and education services.

Consolidation of stable and quality jobs.

ERSI Group offers an adequate balance between personal and professional life, not only because it reinforces satisfaction and commitment, but also improves productivity, motivates and attracts employees.

To ensure a fair and competitive salary.

Overtime, holidays, vacations and other rights established by law are recognised to all temporary and permanent employees.

ERSI Group recognises the freedom of association of its workers and the right to collective bargaining within the local legal framework.

Coherence between the business and the needs of the community, ensuring the flexible adaptation of local needs and demands to the sustainable development of our activity.

To guarantee the impeccable and professional behaviour of ERSI GROUP and its professionals, both in their actions and decisions. 



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