Our Story


The history of the Engineered Reinforcing Steel Industries group (ERSI Group) is an international success story, which started in the 1960s, during what is known as the Spanish economic miracle.

The development of our own construction system under the brand Armatek made us a benchmark in the sector that has trusted our comprehensive solution to implement iconic infrastructures such as the Panama Canal.

At present, the re-release of this model based on our comprehensive solution keeps us at the forefront of the sector. Innovation, sustainability, adaptability, efficiency and 50 years’ experience make us an international reference in the industrialised steel market for reinforced concrete structures.


Our leadership is characterised by having managed to overcome each crisis with innovation


  • We anticipated the rest of competitors modernising the manufactured steel market with its industrialisation in fixed plants.
  • In 1991, we expanded our activity in order to continue to promote the transformation of the sector: improving quality, occupational safety and respect for the environment.
  • The slowdown in the sector in Spain was behind our first international expansion, we took part in big projects such as the Vasco da Gama Bridge. In parallel, the group became a pioneer in ensuring the traceability of steel using computer programs.
  • We established ourselves as the most advanced group in the sector in industrialisation, factory automation and incorporation of computer technology in production. Our comprehensive solution was launched in 2000: Armatek Constructive System.
  • Our expansion continued during this period, with the opening of new factories. The success of our Armatek constructive system consolidated. We are the biggest company in the sector and we are leaders in its technological advances.
  • As part of the construction sector we suffered greatly during the effects of the crisis. We looked for and found new alliances and we set up shop in markets with a high growth potential. Our response to the economic crisis is the internationalisation of our innovation.
  • The constitution of ERSI Group reflects the success of our international activity and drives our plans for the future: we inject liquidity and contracts in the biggest special projects in the world. Thanks to the continuous improvement of our work model, we evolve naturally and establish ourselves as a leading company in the construction sector.
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