Our Activity


In ERSI Group we are dedicated to engineering, supply, processing and on-site assembly of passive reinforcement steel for concrete structures.

We are an international benchmark in the construction sector thanks to our comprehensive solution (Armatek®Constructive System) that improves productivity, quality and safety in the works.

The quality and continuous innovation of our products and services has given us experience and presence all over the world and also in most activities identified with human progress.




BIG PROJECT: Construction system, software and own patents that guarantee the integral efficiency in the construction sector.

DEVELOPMENT COUNTRY: Development and industrial and human consolidation plan in the destination country after the execution of a big project.

STEEL TRADING: Purchase and sale of certified commercial steel.




Over time, we have developed a process model (strategic, business and support) that has allowed us to develop in a structured and organised way:

Each of the processes has been designed to provide competitive advantages.

In our international expansion we apply the process model, adapted to the characteristics and peculiarities of each country.




Through our activity, we contribute to the progress of society by providing significant advances in the construction sector.

ERSI Group’s human team is committed to continuous improvement of projects that take shape in our Comprehensive Solution (Armatek®Constructive System) achieving:

Prevention of occupational risks and improvement of the working conditions of the people.

Respect for the environment.

Reduction in delivery times.

Optimisation of the project’s overall costs.

Guarantee of standards of quality, durability and safety of the structures.

Control and traceability of materials.

Project documentation.




In ERSI Group we work focused on innovation, quality and effectiveness:

Rationalisation of reinforcements that optimises the design of the project:

Equivalent reinforced concrete proposals.

Construction details.

Most efficient execution methods.

Innovative products that provide the highest levels of quality and industrialisation, facilitating new constructive systems:

Certified commercial steel.

Manufacturing in industrial plant.

Industrial reinforcements adapted to each type of project and application:

Manufactured reinforcements.

Prefabricated reinforcements.

Special and made-to-measure electrowelded panels.

Standard reinforcements.

Specific accessories.

Quality plan by processes and trials.

Traceability of the steel and of the production processes.

Project documentation:

Guarantee Certificate.

Product quality guarantee.

Quality plan and regulations used in the manufacture of the reinforcements.

Quality, composition and characteristics of the commercial steel used.


Delivery notes.

Reinforcement exploded view drawings.

Personalised Engineering service and in charge of implementation of the project

More than 100 highly qualified technical profiles that give support to the efficient implementation of the works.




WE ARE GLOBAL: Presence in 12 countries in 4 continents and vocation of permanence in potential markets.

WE OFFER A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION: Competitive edge based on own innovation.

WE ARE SUSTAINABLE: We have procedures and measures directed at improving our environmental behaviour as part of our continuous improvement

WE ARE A UNIQUE COMPANY: Given our flexibility, internationalisation, model work and experience.

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