Integrated Management System Policy

The ERSI Group Integrated Management System Policy is based on the comprehensive conception of the management of our activities, fulfilling the contractual requirements agreed upon in each case with our customers and thus achieving their trust and full satisfaction. ERSI Group management considers as priority objectives within its Management Policy, the quality of the product and the services we offer, the responsibility with our collaborators, the effective protection of the environment and the safety and health of the employees. In order to achieve these objectives, the following principles are established:

To identify and comply with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements established by the company, related to Occupational Health and Safety, with the environmental and quality aspects, as well as with the customers' requirements, and to achieve their satisfaction.

To develop its activities under safety standards, occupational health and environmental care that allow complying with the requirements of its customers and interested parties, prevent injuries and the deterioration of health related to the work of people who participate directly or indirectly in the activities of the company (including contractors and subcontractors, as appropriate) and prevent environmental pollution by providing a healthy and safe workplace, thus contributing to be an agent of change in the places where it develops its activities.

To comply with and enforce the requirements related to the quality of the product we offer.

To manage our organisation based on processes as well as establishing performance indicators that allow us to continuously improve its effectiveness.

To eliminate hazards, evaluate, assess and reduce risks both in the Environmental and Occupations Health and Safety field and establish the corresponding controls.

The adoption of a comprehensive perspective of the Life Cycle in the activities, services and products offered by the Company, as well as in the products or services it contracts.

Environment Protection, pollution prevention, rational use and exploitation of natural resources, reduction of waste and minimisation of environmental degradation.

The maintenance of an organisational culture that encourages all employees to take personal responsibility for Quality, Occupational Safety and Health, and care for the Environment.

Commitment to the provision of resources for the implementation of the Management System.

Prevention of drug and alcohol consumption at work.

The guarantee that workers and their representatives are consulted and actively participate in all elements of the Management System.

The continuous improvement of this Management System, establishing improvement objectives and goals that allow evaluating its performance and implementing the actions necessary to reach the proposed achievements, integrating it with the other Company's Management Systems, taking into account the context in which the organisation is developing.

Ultimately ERSI Group undertakes to provide satisfactory products and services to customers, providing employees of its Group companies with a safe, stable and environmentally responsible environment by permanently updating occupational and environmental risk prevention measures, as well as to scrupulously respect the applicable regulations in this matter in all the places where it develops its business activities.

The Management

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