Basic reinforcement welded in lattice


Product formed by a system of elements (bars or wires), with a special structure and whose points of contact are joined by electric welding by an automatic process.

They respond to a typology and dimensions according to catalogue.

They comply with the provisions of the standard.


Advantages of use of lattices

Firmness and stiffness of the Lattices

The welded joints ensure the separation between bars, and their immobility during concreting, as well as minimum coating.

Used as reinforcements in prefabricated parts

Approval of the steels ensures adherence with the concrete.

It can collaborate in the absorption of the shear.

Due to its geometric shape, the joint between concretes of different ages is more effective.

Used as separators of layers of reinforcements

Lightweight and non-deformable element. It is very manageable for its placing.

Its stiffness assures the separation between layers of reinforcements during concreting.

Its placing needs less ties than traditional separators (steps or trestles).

Minimum storage space to be able to fit the pieces together.


Project execution cost

Immediate delivery as there is stock on site.

Cost of non-quality

Non-quality is the decisive cause of the problems that occur during the life of the concrete structures. 10-15% are due to faults in the materials used.

Improvements in Health, Safety and and Environment 

Work in industrial plant facilitates control of the risk.


Decreasing human resources favourably reduces the number of accidents on site.

Its stiffness collaborates in the safety of movement of the operators during placing in the works, and subsequent concreting.


Respect for the Environment. The waste generated in industrial facilities is correctly managed.


Quality assurance

Manufactured according to a Quality Management System.


Electrowelding: They are used in accordance with the standard.


Each package of bars is accompanied by a Traceability Label.


Delivery of technical documentation: With regard to the material served in each expedition. 

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